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Nov 112020

Fated for Pitch Black (Inferno’s Clutch MC Book 4) by E.C. Land

Pitch Black

Darkness is where I live even in the light of day. I don’t care about anyone except those affiliated with my club. My heart was hardened a long time ago, making me good at what I do for my brothers and nothing will ever change that.

There are reasons why I’m so good at what I do, but I refuse to talk about it. Not even when my brothers question me. No one can fix what was broken. She left and isn’t coming back.

That is until fate intervenes, bringing her straight to my doorstep.

The woman who changed me for the worst. She’s the one responsible for gutting me the first time. How the fuck am I supposed to move past this? I have a hard time letting anyone who fucks me over back in, but does she really expect me to let her in pass the threshold?

Can I accept her apology and reasons for her actions, or do I cast her out to the wolves nipping at her heels?

Either way she still has the one thing of mine that will always be hers—my soul.

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