Cover Reveal Possessive Boss by B. B. Hamel

Mar 242020

Possessive Boss by B. B. Hamel

I’ll take her. Keep her. Never let her go.
Make her feel every inch of my greed for her.
Even if it costs my business and my best friend.

When sweet Valerie walks into my office, I know she’s getting the job.

Plump lips, wide doe eyes, gorgeous auburn hair, she’s the kind of woman I notice.

The kind of woman a man could devoted himself to.

First though, she needs to give herself to me, every inch, without any hesitations or reservations.

Though things are never so simple. When I realize she’s investigating my partner for laundering mob money, I almost throw her out on the street.

Except the way she so willingly gets down on her knees makes me need to keep her.

I’ll help her investigation. I’ll find out if my partner’s working with organized crime.

But only if she lets me take her, every inch of her, whenever I need it.

I’ll possess her. And I’ll help her. And when it’s all finished, I’m keeping her.


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