Cover Reveal Possessed by CM Stunich

May 192019

Possessed BLURB:

Ten Cats Paranormal Society: Possessed
Ten Cats Paranormal Society #1

Ghosts? Ghouls? Demons?
No problem! Ten Cats Paranormal Society, at your service.

We guarantee a spirit-free home—because if we don’t, the gig is up, and our con’s revealed.
Hi, I’m Alexiah Harcourt, and I pretend to hunt ghosts for a living.
But really, I’m just a professional liar.

My boss is even better at it, but I’m in love with his lies anyway.
Our resident demonologist is an asshole; I hate him so much my chest hurts sometimes.
The King of Ghosts and Demons has cursed us, but also he wants me as his bride.
Oh, and I’m pretty sure there’s something fishy going on with that six-toed cat.

We trick people into believing our lies.
Now, our lies are nightmares turned reality.
If we can’t work our biggest con yet, we’re all screwed six feet under.
I never should’ve opened that damn box.

How many of you read this in the Petting Them antho? Now CM Stunich is going to continue this series. I get excited as we speak 🙂


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