Cover Reveal Pop Goes The Biker by Bella Jewel

Jun 212021

Pop Goes The Biker (Turf Wars #3) by Bella Jewel

I’m trouble with a capital PI know what I want in life, and I go for it.

Nobody stands in my way, not even the big group of bikers who caught me red-handed stealing from them. I’ll do as they ask. I’ll be their good little slave. I’ll make their money and pay off my debt. I’ll also make them think twice.

Think twice about holding me. Think twice about isolating me. Think twice about the moment they decided keeping me was worth more than the trouble I bring. And oh, do I bring some trouble. Their little club won’t know what hit them.

My name is Poppy, and I’m a bad, bad girl. Hell follows me, and the devil himself won’t mess with me. They’ll wish they left me alone. Oh, indeed…Pop goes the biker.

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