Cover Reveal Opal by Amy Davies

Oct 242020

Opal (Rugged Skulls MC Book 2) by Amy Davies

I’m the VP of the Rugged Skulls MC, the voice of reason in a crowd of chaos. But even I need a helping hand when I lay my bike down. And that help comes in the form of one sexy Army Doc who can knock me on my ass with a look. She turns the world upside down, forcing me to say the one word that means everything to my club.
It was supposed to be one small favor for an old friend. Take care of a biker that needed some help. I wasn’t prepared for that favor to be over six-feet-tall, packed with muscles, using a sexy grin to melt my goddamn panties. Opal’s clearly got a magic touch. He calms my soul and ignites my body simultaneously until I’m craving everything about him. But I know the MC life. They’ve caused trouble for me in the past.
But the Rugged Skulls and their VP? He could bring my entire world to its knees.

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