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Feb 152021

Nightmare’s Obsession by L. Ann

My life began when I woke up in a hospital bed.
No memories of where I’d been or what had happened
They told me I was discovered at the entrance, unconscious.
I’d been cleaned and patched up.
No one knows who left me there.
They claim a guardian angel must have found and saved me.
But if my dreams are to be believed …
He was no angel, but a demon sent from hell itself.

I’m the Lord of Nightmares
Once something else, something other. I clawed my way out of the darkness.
I claimed my crown and ascended the throne.
Embraced my role, owned my realm.
I’m cold, unemotional and come with an “Approach at your own risk” warning.
My warriors heed it or pay the price.
Nero is my name, and nightmares are my playground.

So why, when she invaded my world, did I pull out all the stops to save her?

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