Cover Reveal Myths for Half-Wits by Lacey Carter Andersen

Apr 042020

Myths for Half-Wits (God Fire Reform School #2) by Lacey Carter Andersen

Everyone here wants us dead… and I don’t blame them.

The gods inside of us are dangerous. They seek power above all else. As we learn to use our supernatural abilities, we also have to learn how to control them.

Because the stronger we grow, the stronger the gods grow. And that’s terrifying.

The four boys, who I loved in childhood, have become gods alongside me. And while Loki, the trickster god inside of me, gets me into a lot of trouble, he’s also pushes me toward the men I care for.

My guys have gods of war, death, wisdom, and violence inside of them. Those gods are changing them too, into strong men capable of amazing things. But just like with me, it isn’t always a good thing. And at a reform school of paranormal creatures capable of frightening things, we have to be able to control ourselves or the consequences could be deadly.

This reform school is our last chance. If we fail here, I don’t want to know what they’ll do to us.

But it can’t be good.

MYTHS FOR HALF-WITS is book 2 in a paranormal reverse harem series. Scroll up and download now to enroll in the Academy, where you’ll find yourself with sexy gods, a lovable heroine, and the mess of supernatural beings who want them dead.

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