Cover Reveal My Enemy Next Door by Whitney G.

Jun 182021

My Enemy Next Door by Whitney G. & Nicole London

“Give it to me harder.” “Ohhhhh, yes, Baby!” “I’m about to come…”

No, these aren’t the lines from a porno script. These are the loud moans that are currently coming through my neighbor’s wall. (I’ve even heard her say “Oh Daddyyyy!” a time or two, but no judgement.)

Since moving to New York and taking a job at a new firm, I haven’t had a good night’s sleep thanks to my neighbor’s “sexcapades.”

What the hell is she doing over there?

If that wasn’t bad enough, the woman I’ve always wanted in college also works at this firm, but she makes my days difficult since she still considers me to be an “enemy” and refuses to talk to me.

It’s not until I confront my neighbor about her moans that I realize that they’re the same person.

And she’s been keeping a dirty, audiobook narrator secret…

My Enemy Next Door is a super fun, contemporary novella about two former college “enemies.”

It is best read and experienced over a cup of coffee.

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