Excerpt My Best Shot by Gail Haris

Apr 292021

My Best Shot (K.O. Romance #2) by Gail Haris

With death circling me, this is my best shot.

I thought my life was settling down, falling into a routine. Boy, was I ever wrong. It only took one disastrous selfie sent to the wrong number, and I caught the attention of Vincent Goodman.
Worse, I can’t let Vin find out that the scandalous photo sent to him was originally intended for his notorious older brother, Tristan Goodman. I also can’t let my older brother, Sam, discover I’m falling in love with his boss who he is convinced will only bring me trouble.
Trouble does come for me.
Death begins circling me, forcing me to choose: the safe arms of family or the man that is far more dangerous than any monsters.

Meeting Tristan at the café turned into more than getting a cup of coffee. I didn’t expect to receive a sinfully hot photo from an unknown number, and I sure didn’t expect it to be from the shy barista.
While we form a relationship, unfortunately, I also begin to connect her brother to crimes happening within the business. My business partners, Tristan and Mark, want to punish Sam to the extreme. But having her brother’s head would cause me to lose Alexa’s heart.
Sam might be involved in more trouble than us, and he’s endangering Alexa as well. I’m determined to keep Alexa alive and make her mine. I’m not sure how, but I’m going to give it my best shot.

Excerpt My Best Shot by Gail Haris

Holy shit. It’s Alexa!
She sent me a naughty photo. Me not Tristan. Mentally I’m doing a fist pump, but also freaking out. I try to figure out how I should approach this. Do I go back in and wink? Say thank you? Maybe I should write back hell yeah. Or… send a photo of my own?
I look out my tinted car window and make sure the coast is clear. I should be safe, anyway, since the windows are a dark tint. Unless someone looks through the front window, then they’re in for a peep show. Leaning back in my seat, I unbutton my jeans and unzip them and then hold my shirt up. I tighten my abs and hold the phone camera up. I’ve never done this before, and it feels really awkward. I’m in amazing shape, but I’ve never actually showcased my body.
Buttoning my pants back up, I stare up in complete humiliation as Tristan is watching me with his mouth hanging open and his phone held up. I hurry out of the car and go to snatch the phone from him. “Delete that right now, dickhead!”
Laughing hysterically, actually doubled over with tears coming out of his eyes, the asshole keeps blocking my advances for his phone. “What the fuck were you doing? Were you sending a dick pic? Please tell me you were sending a dick pic and that’s why you had to run out of the coffee shop like your balls were on fire.”
“No! Now delete whatever shit you took. Fucking pervert.” I reach for his phone, but he steps backward.
“Me? You’re the perv with your pants undone in a public parking lot,” I growl but he continues on. “Who’s the unfortunate victim receiving that traumatizing photo? Did you use a filter, at least? Did you angle the camera to add height and width? Zoom in, at least, so they’ll be able to actually see it? You are aware with the right angle and close up, you could make it look bigger than it actual is. Like your rearview mirror does, bro.”
“Sure know an awful lot about sending dick pics. Can’t say I’m surprised, though.” I finally give up and tackle him.
He shoves me back, wheezing with laughter. “You…sent…a…dick…pic.”
I cross my arms and stand up straighter so I’m taller than him. “You were probably trying to snap a shot for yourself. It’s okay to admit you’re impressed. But Tori’s not going to believe that’s you when she’s already seen what little you’re packing.”
Tristan throws his head back and laughs. “Oh, man. You are full of it.” He eyes my phone in my hand. “So, I’m guessing when you ran out of the café after looking at your phone that you got a special message?” He arches a brow.

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