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Aug 062021

Multiplying Storms (Artemis University Book 11) by Erin R Flynn

My name is Tamsin Vale and I’m the only living heir to all of Faerie. It’s still hard to accept that, but given how often people call me “Princess” or “Your Highness” like it’s my actual name, I can’t deny it.
I simply hate that I am.
Yeah, it’s going that well.
The councils’ win might have seemed small, but the ripples from that decision are drowning me at every turn. I can’t endure the bullying and abuse much longer, and I can’t fight back given the situation my people are in.
I’m not sure I care anymore after finding out fairies being awesome was a lie. Most days I struggle to not push them all back in the darkness and live as I want… Because the more of them I free, the more I’m trapped.
Something major needs to change and soon but I don’t know where to start. I can’t get my footing when I’m always at the center of the storm. The hobgoblins are clear that something worse is coming.
I don’t think I have the strength to hold on anymore, and all hope left me after the last tidal wave dragged me under.

Artemis University is an ongoing hot burning reverse harem, university-age paranormal academy series with darker elements, strong language, violence, and a heroine who follows her own moral compass of what is right… And who she ends up giving her heart to.

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