Excerpt Mr. Heartbreaker by Jordan Marie

Sep 172020

Mr. Heartbreaker by Jordan Marie (Black Mountain Academy)

Everybody envies Big Mike Huntington.
He prowls the halls of Black Mountain Academy like he owns them.
But since he’s from one of the wealthiest families in Black Mountain, he can.

He’s famous—or infamous, and not for his baseball skills like his brother—currently the Major League’s media darling.

On campus, Big Mike is notorious for the giant bat he swings—the one between his legs, not on the field.
And every girl swears Big Mike definitely lives up to the hype.

Mike owns it, embracing his reputation.

Until Violet Raines.

New girl in school, pure as driven snow, and she hates his guts from moment one.
Mike wants Miss Purity under him, begging for mercy he’ll never give.

When Violet refuses to play ball?

It’s time for Big Mike to get creative and steal a home run.

He zeros in on the new girl.

Now, there’s nowhere for her to hide.
No sassy words to save her.
No denying her hot, longing glances.

Big Mike gets what he wants.

And Violet Raines?
She’s already his.
Publication Date : October 30, 2020

Excerpt Mr. Heartbreaker by Jordan Marie

There’s just him and me, the smell of his cologne mixed with the heated scent of his body, and this feeling of being wrapped in him. I’ve never felt anything like it before. It’s as intoxicating as it is terrifying.

“Bullshit. You feel the same fucking pull between us that I do, Vi.”

“I don’t,” I deny. He bends his head down, his nose nuzzling against me, his lips close to my ear – so close that I can feel the heat as he exhales.

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