Cover Reveal Mr. D by Alta Hensley

Sep 172020

Mr. D by Alta Hensley (Black Mountain Academy)

Good girls do not go to the principal’s office.
Good girls do not lust for the principal.
Good girls do not obsess over the principal.
I am clearly not a good girl.

I can’t help myself.
I need him.
Mr. D
I need his guidance, his protection, his authority, and above all…
I need his touch.

I know it’s wrong and even forbidden.
But I have one consuming fantasy…
Mr. D

*Mr. D is part of the Black Mountain Academy series and is a standalone novel.

Black Mountain Academy. From the outside, it may look perfect and ideal—school uniforms, exemplary teachers, privileged students. But anyone on the inside could tell you about the debauchery, the scandals, the drama, the forbidden—taboo—romances.
Because where Black Mountain Academy is concerned… never judge a book by its cover.
Publication Date : October 20, 2020

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