Cover Reveal Mountain Man by Jenika Snow

Mar 092020

Mountain Man (A Real Man #22) by Jenika Snow

I was known in town as old money but lived off the land, a present-day caveman. They called me the town recluse, dubbed me a mountain man, antisocial. It was true.

But then she came into my life and turned everything I knew upside down.

It started with Bailey getting lost in the woods and finding herself on my doorstep.

She was sweet and innocent, half my age, and I had no control when the arousal built between us that night.

It ended with me taking her virginity in a passion-filled night.

But then she was gone, and I should have gone after her, thrown her over my shoulder, and demanded she was mine.

Four years later and our paths cross again. I thought I was stronger, able to control myself, but where Bailey was concerned, there was no doubt she called the shots. She owned my heart.

She’d gotten under my skin in the best of ways, and I knew this time around, I wouldn’t let her get away.

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