Excerpt Most Eligible Cowboy by J. S. Cooper

Jul 112021

Most Eligible Cowboy (The Brother’s at Horseshoe Ranch Book 2) by J. S. Cooper

He’s a bossy, grumpy cowboy, but that doesn’t stop his hotness…
Beau Hamilton is the biggest catch in Montana. He’s handsome, funny and rich. As the oldest son and heir to one of the largest ranches in the State, he’s one of the most eligible bachelors around. And he knows it. His brother is marrying my best friend and we’re both in the bridal party. He’s the best man and I’m the maid of honor. I thought that he was a perfect gentleman until the night of the joint bachelor-bachelorette party. We did things that nobody should ever know about. Not even my best friend.

Beau’s also made it clear that while he’s an eligible bachelor, he has no plans on ever getting married. Which doesn’t bother me in the least because the more time I spend with him, the more he annoys me. He’s a bossy, grumpy, demanding cowboy that thinks it’s his way or the highway and I’m looking forward to showing him that this is one woman that doesn’t want him in the least. No matter how many times he bats his baby blues at me or asks me to check out the horses in the stables.

Excerpt Most Eligible Cowboy by J. S. Cooper

“It is so lovely to have you here for dinner, Olivia.” Amelia Hamilton looked at me with sincere eyes. I stared at her and smiled softly.
“Thanks so much for having me. I’m so grateful for your hospitality.”
“Any friend of Lucy’s is a friend of ours. And seeing as Lucy is as good as family, you’re family too.”
“Oh thank you.” I beamed at her and I could feel my entire body freezing as I heard the loud clunky footsteps of cowboy boots entering the room. I knew for a fact that it was Beau. I didn’t even have to turn around and look.
“Well, look who’s joining us for dinner?” Amelia smiled and I finally turned to the side to see Beau sliding into the empty seat next to me.
“Good evening, mama.” He grinned. “I’m hungry, I’m not going to miss dinner.”
“And neither am I.” Another male voice entered the room and this time I couldn’t stop myself from looking. This voice had been unfamiliar and I wanted to see who it was. My eyes widened as I stared at the hunk in front of me. He was better looking than Beau, Austin, and Wyatt combined and they were all gorgeous. “Hi Mama.” The hunky man walked over to Amelia and kissed her on the cheek. “Hi Pops.” He waved at Ranger and then took a seat next to Wyatt.
“Chet,” Sadie beamed at him. “I haven’t seen you in weeks. Are you back home?”
“For now.” He grinned. “Miss me, did you?”
“No, she didn’t.” Wyatt rolled his eyes and I withheld a smile and his grumpy demeanor. Lucy had told me that Wyatt and Sadie had been best friends for years and that everyone in the family thought they were secretly in love but didn’t yet know themselves. The more time I spent around them, the more I tended to agree with that sentiment.
“And who do we have here?” Chet looked directly at me, with his twinkling light blue eyes. His crisp short dark hair accentuated his tan face and perfect features and I swallowed hard. “Don’t tell me you’re Lucy, Austin’s bride to be?”
“No.” I grinned, shaking my head. “I’m Olivia, her best friend.”
“Well, thank goodness for that.” He leaned forward flirtatiously. “I was about to say, you’re far too pretty for my big brother.” He chuckled and ran his fingers through his hair. “And not the sort of woman I would have thought would be answering an online personal ad.”
“Well, Lucy is gorgeous as well.” I laughed. “And who knows maybe I would have answered the ad as well, if I saw it.”

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