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Mar 272021

Moon Wrath (Pack of Rebels Book 1) by Cate Corvin

From the moment I was born, I was marked for death.

For years I’ve been on the run. I was only a pup when I was branded with the moon goddess’s sigil, marking me as her future vessel.
If she takes me, my soul will cease to exist. My body will become her puppet.
I’ve finally been backed into a corner, and my only hope is to find allies among the wolf packs of Crescent Cove.

But when I shift before them and the bonds of fate mark them as mine, they reject me completely.
I am no one. Packless. A traitor to the wolves’ goddess.
And I can’t run anymore.

The time has come to make my last stand.
Resist, or die.
And I refuse to die without putting up a fight.

Moon Wrath is the first book in an urban fantasy romance trilogy packed with shifters, action, and medium-burn steam! For mature readers only.

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