Cover Reveal Monster Soulless Bastards MC Miami by Erin Trejo

Mar 302020

Monster Soulless Bastards MC Miami (Book #4) by Erin Trejo

I transferred from another chapter to Miami.
I needed a change and this was it.

I fell into line with the rest of the guys here.

The day I get shot is the day my life changes. Left at a local doctor’s office to heal, I met her.

She was different. She wasn’t your normal type of girl.

I could be myself with her…in the dark.

In the light I was the monster I was named after.

Except she didn’t look at me the way everyone else did and I liked that.

She’s something I might want to keep but my instincts are to push her away.

Now I’m struggling to find my path in life again. With or without her.

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