Cover Reveal Mistletoe Kisses by Shaw Hart

Dec 082020

Mistletoe Kisses (Warming Up To Love Book 3) by Shaw Hart

What happens under the mistletoe…

Noel Merrybell needs this job.
Sure, being an assistant isn’t her dream job, but at least she gets to work for Mr. Roth. She’s always had a silly crush on him, but she knows that dating or sleeping with her boss would be a total disaster.

Mason Roth is a ruthless bastard.
He’s always had to be in his business, but when Noel starts working for him, all of his focus shifts. Instead of conquering the business world, he can’t stop having filthy visions about conquering his new pretty little assistant.

Before long, he’s obsessed with her and would do anything for just one little taste.

Too bad that would probably result in a sexual misconduct lawsuit.

He’s resigned to just having his dirty fantasies about her, but then something happens.

He kisses her…. and she kisses him back.

Will a sprig of mistletoe be enough to get these two to see that they’re both crazy about each other? One click now and find out!

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