Cover Reveal Midnight Guardian by Tamara White

Nov 052020

Midnight Guardian by Tamara White

One night destroyed my life.
One bite turned me.
One truth, long buried, will change everything.

My life used to be so simple. After all, humans don’t have to worry about the creatures that go bump in the night. But after one fateful night, my world is turned upside down. I lose my home, my family and my humanity, all in one fell swoop.
After learning to live life in a world completely foreign to me, I thought life would finally get better again, that maybe I could even be happy. But being betrayed by someone I love pushes me back into the darkness and I embrace the rage that comes with it.
With a council of supernaturals after me, I have to be careful and stay off the radar as I hunt down anybody who would harm a human. When the council catch my trail, I have no choice but to take refuge in a place they’d never look for me.
Midnight Society, the place all turned supes go to learn the basics. The place that might just hold the answers to what makes me so different…

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