Cover Reveal Mayhem by Cala Riley

Mar 202021

Mayhem (Trailer Park Girls Duet Book 1) by Cala Riley


That’s what my life has turned into.

One second I was the trailer trash beneath their feet. The next, I’m forced into their care for “my own protection.”

Too bad for them, I’m nobody’s charity case.

Still, there’s an undeniable attraction to him. A magnetic force making it hard to think straight.

When push comes to shove, I won’t let anyone else pay the consequences for my actions. I’ll face them head on.

They say only the strong survive.

If there is one thing I know about, it’s surviving.

DISCLAIMER: Intended for readers 18 years and older due to mature content, abusive situations, mental health issues and harsh language. My contain triggers for some readers. Please read with caution.

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