Cover Reveal Mated Exile by Lucy Auburn

Apr 012021

Mated Exile (Wolf Ascendant Book 2) by Lucy Auburn

My return from exile was just the beginning.

The vampires who captured me have big plans. Me? I’ve got plans too—ones that involve escaping. A tortured soul from the arena will be joining me, to be brought home and heal.

Being reunited with Cat and my guys brings so much more than I bargained for. There are answers that explain why I was exiled in the first place. Kieran’s rejection was just the start—he was a pawn as much as I was.

Because I’m much more than a werewolf. What I am, and what I can do, may keep me from ever being a part of the pack.

Or I could save us all.

Together with Lance, Finn, Roarke, and Kieran, I’m going to find out what I can do, how far I can go, and who my enemies truly are.

Do I have the courage to embrace what I must become—an exile no more, mated within the pack?

This new series about a rejected mate has action, adventure, romance, steam, and absolutely no choosing.

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