Excerpt Married To My Enemy by Vivian Wood

Dec 172019

Married To My Enemy by Vivian Wood

This steamy enemies to lovers story is full of white-hot romance: drunken Vegas weddings, heated words that turn into seductive whispers, and a love that blooms in the most unexpected place…

To love, honor, and disobey.
I didn’t mean to marry Luca Leone one drunken night.
He may be the hottest guy I know, but he’s still a total jerk.
His sly smile, his massive height, and his muscular body just don’t make up for how cruel he can be.

Once our drunken haze wears off, he has a proposition for me.
Stay married for two months, just until his ex’s wedding.
And he offers something I really need: ten thousand dollars to save my family home.
The only issue is that I’m forced to spend time with him, at his house and at his bar, often late into the night.

Soon our feisty arguments turn into the hottest hookups of my life.
I can’t resist him. Once I get past his prickly exterior, Luca is just plain smoking hot.
We are both hung up on our mutual pasts, not ready for the flame growing between us.
But we are about to come face to face with the fire we’ve ignited…

Excerpt Married To My Enemy by Vivian Wood

Luca grins. “You know what? Maybe princess is the wrong nickname for you. Maybe it should be Old Lady.”
“That’s not fair!” I protest.
“Cate!” Bradford calls. “Come get an order pad, please!”
Giving Luca a foul look, I head across the venue and take one of the paper pads that Bradford holds out to me. He gives me a look, head to toe.
“Honey, I know that you’re all giddy because the boss man is totally in love with you. Seriously, it’s amazing. Any other time I would thank you. But right now, I need you to get your game face on. I’m about to unlock those doors and I need you to pretend that you have the mintiest smidge of experience, okay?”
“Oh, that’s not… we’re not…” I laugh. “I mean, we are getting an annulment,” I finish lamely.
“How nice for you. My point is, put all your personal stuff aside for the next five hours. Look, Levi is unbolting the door… And there is the first guest…” He shoos me away from the bar, turning away to stack copper mugs.
I have to straighten my dress, walk a little taller in my borrowed heels, and go greet the first customers of the night. After that, the night speeds up, going into warp drive around ten. By then I’m waiting on the entire room by myself and I’m way too far in the weeds to so much as think about Luca.
I do catch a glimpse of him, bussing a table here and bringing someone water there. And I have to wonder…
What did Bradford mean when he said that Luca was in love with me? Obviously if he’d been listening, he would know that not a single sweet word crossed Luca’s lips.
Is he just crazy?
By the end of the night, Luca is long gone, leaving me and Bradford to clean up. We do twenty minutes of light cleaning, during which I’m too tired to even process that I had a question for Bradford.
I head home, so tired that I’m about to drop. Only when my head is on my pillow, my eyes closed, does Bradford’s statement float back up to the top of my mind.
The boss man is totally in love with you, he said.
Yeah right. I fall asleep with a smile curving my lips, thinking about what Luca would act like if we didn’t absolutely hate each other.

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