Cover Reveal Lost in Sleepy Hollow by Britt Andrews

Jul 132021

Lost in Sleepy Hollow by Britt Andrews

Sleepy Hollow was supposed to be a legend. It became my reality.

After a botched spell, I find myself stuck in an old stone well. I’m terrified and injured, until the handsome and flirtatious Gideon hears my calls for help and I’m rescued. Realization hits me as fast as the sugar crash at the end of a trick or treat haul. I’m not in Wisteria. And it sure as hell isn’t 2021.

Most of the people are welcoming, accepting me as a part of the town. Then there’s Father Jude, who despises me at first glance. Magistrate Lucian; who is suspicious of my sudden arrival, and Headmaster Bodie who can’t seem to stop staring at me. October is suddenly filled with mystery, murder, and mayhem. Just like that, my favorite season becomes a true nightmare.

My name is Hattie Van Tassel and I’m lost in Sleepy Hollow, a town that’s righteous beneath the sun and absolutely depraved beneath the moon.

Lost in Sleepy Hollow is a full length spooky why choose romance that features themes that may be disturbing to some readers. Strong language, violence, sexual situations and MM content included. Reader discretion is advised.
Publication date ‏ : ‎ October 31, 2021

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