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May 012020

Link (Satan’s Sinners Book 2) by Serena Akeroyd

Link is freedom.

He’s hope.

He’s the promise of safety, shackled in the form of a man with no honor.

But honor is multi-faceted.

Honor comes at a cost, a cost Link has always been willing to pay for those he considers family.

But Lily? She isn’t family.

She isn’t a woman Link only wants in his bed.

Lily makes his soul burn.

Born of a family whose evil has rotted through to its core, Lily Lancaster was doomed from the start. But, like any pretty bird in a gilded cage, she craves freedom.

Through fair means or foul.

But freedom is multi-faceted.

Freedom comes at a cost: the loss of her heart to a man with no honor. At least, a man who had no honor until Lily walked into his life… Does she have what it takes to fight for their future?

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