Excerpt Level Up by SM Shade

Jun 082019

Level Up (Violent Circle Book 5) by SM Shade

It’s hard to believe it’s almost over.
After three years of living in the wildest apartment in the craziest neighborhood, the clock is ticking down.
College is ending.
My friends and I, known around Violent Circle as the Frat Hell Guys, have managed to make it to graduation without a major injury or arrest record. It was a close call.
My career path as a video game designer is laid out clearly before me, but I have one more objective to achieve before the school year is over; show the beautiful, stubborn, infuriating woman I’m in love with that she’s mine.
She just doesn’t know it yet.

Can be read as a standalone.

Excerpt Level Up (Violent Circle Book 5) by SM Shade

“I don’t think it’s dislocated,” he says. “But I want to put a little direct pressure on your coccyx to be sure.” Direct pressure. That sounds painful. At this point though, whatever he has to do to make the pain stop.
He turns around and grabs a pair of gloves, slipping them on, then picks up a tube that looks suspiciously like lube.
No. I take it back. Not whatever he has to do.
“I’m just going to put one finger in your rectum so I can palpate the coccyx from the inside.”
“Nope, I’m good,” I exclaim, trying to sit up, which I can’t fucking do fast enough because pain shoots through me.
“Trey!” Sasha shakes her head. “You aren’t good. You can barely get off the table.”
Amusement shines in the doctor’s eyes, but his voice is kind. “Son, I’m fifty-seven years old and I’m here to tell you, it’s something we all have to do sooner or later. No one enjoys it, but it’ll be over in a few seconds. Now try to relax.”
Relax. Try to relax while I’m being humiliated in front of the girl I’m crazy about. Relax while some guy shoves his—
Oh my god, his finger is huge.
Who fucking has a finger the size of a damn tree trunk?
I owe every girl I ever did this to an apology. And flowers. And a car because the more he moves it around the more it hurts.
“Dude, are you reaching for my tonsils?” I snap, and he withdraws the finger with a chuckle.
“You can pull your pants up. Radiology will be down to get you in a minute for some X-rays, and we’ll get you something for the pain.” He regards Sasha. “He isn’t driving, right?”
“No, I’m driving him.”
I’ve never felt a heavier silence than when the door closes because what am I supposed to say after she witnessed that? To make things worse, I can feel the lube between my cheeks and it’s disgusting.
“I’m going to the bathroom,” I mumble, escaping the room.
Luckily, the minute I return from wiping my ass, the guy from radiology appears to take me for X-rays. Sasha waits in the exam room while I try to figure out if my face will just be bright red around her from now on.
The x-rays don’t take long, and I’m returned to the exam room, where Sasha sits on the chair in the corner. The nurse walks in right after me and hands me a cup of water and two pills. “The doctor will be in with your results in a few minutes. These will take the edge off the pain.”
“Thank you.” I take them, gratefully. I’d like to take the edge off this whole situation.
As soon as she leaves, I lean against the wall and close my eyes, hoping the doctor will hurry.
Slim arms wrap around my waist, and I look down into Sasha’s pretty eyes. Without a word , she presses her head to my chest and hugs me. I cup the back of her head, holding her against me.
“You looked like you needed a hug,” she murmurs into my shirt.
Her body relaxes in my arms as I rub her back. “You can be really sweet, you know that?”
“Don’t tell anyone.”
Chuckling, I shake my head. “Seriously? I think that’s my line today.” Whatever painkiller they gave me is starting to work fast, and it seems to be numbing everything, not just the ache.
She loosens her arms and tilts her chin up to look at me. “It was a medical test, Trey.”
“I’m still embarrassed.”
Her patented smart aleck grin breaks through as she nods.
“Because you liked it a little?”
“What? No!”

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