Excerpt Kiss of Vengeance by S. Young

Dec 162019

Kiss of Vengeance (True Immortality #2) by S. Young

A standalone paranormal romance from New York Times bestselling author Samantha Young, writing as S. Young.

Fionn Mór was once a high king of Ireland; a fierce warrior who led his tribes against the invading fae. It was a war he couldn’t win and to save his family he turned consort for the Fae Queen. Fionn escaped as the thing he once despised, and the people he loved betrayed him for it. Now, centuries later, it’s time to reopen the gates to Faerie to take his revenge against the Faerie Queen.

At sixteen Rose Kelly discovered family secrets that changed her forever. Years after, she’s still lost, traveling across Europe in search of that elusive missing ‘something’. When she’s attacked by a vampire, not only is she wrenched into a supernatural underworld she never knew existed, a knock on the head releases a spell on her mind and unlocks powers beyond her wildest imaginings. And with them more questions. Questions Fionn Mór claims to have answers to.

Following the powerful and enigmatic Fionn to Ireland, Rose quickly realizes she’s a pawn in his plan for vengeance. What begins as a passionate battle of wills leads to an inexplicable but undeniable connection. One that will force them to face an impossible choice between the deepest love… and the darkest revenge.

Excerpt Kiss of Vengeance by S. Young

“Did you kidnap me, Fionn?” She turned to face him. “What the hell did you do to me?”
“A little spell.” He said it so casually, like it was no big deal. Standing, he gave her a knowing look. “Would you have coming willingly?”
Was he serious? Searching the room, she caught sight of a wooden chair near the fireplace. That would do.
“Rose, don’t—”
She gestured with her hands, making the chair soar through the room.
Fionn cursed, swiped his hands across the air in front of him, and sent the chair careening against the wall where it smashed into three pieces. He glared at the chair carnage and then her. “That chair was over two hundred years old.”
“I couldn’t care less if you whittled that chair with your bare fucking hands. How dare you kidnap me!”
He was a blur across the room, hauling her into his arms and then throwing her onto the bed. Rose huffed in aggravation as he towered over her. She pushed up off her back and promised him retribution with her eyes.
“Can we continue this discussion without yelling at each other?”
Disbelief coursed through her. “Oh, you want to be civilized? Now that you’ve knocked me out and carted me all the way from a Spanish island to the middle-of-nowhere Ireland!”
“Galway is hardly nowhere. But speaking of location and your obvious displeasure at being here, An Caomhnóir is, as I’ve said previously, spelled to be invisible from the outside world. No one can find you here. You’re safe. You’re as safe as I can make you until you do the right thing and return An Breitheamh to me.”
The right thing? The right thing! Seething, Rose gritted out, “I couldn’t even if I wanted to. It’s not in this country.”
“Use your magic.” Fionn fisted his hands on the bed on either side of her hips, leaning toward her. Rose’s body unfairly wanted to move into him, so she had to force it to lean back. “Just conjure it here and we won’t have to fight anymore.”
Her answer was to flick her hand, rip a candelabra off the wall, and throw it at his head. Fionn winced as it connected, his hand rubbing the spot where it hit before clattering to the floor by the bed. The vibe in the room grew considerably darker as he turned from the broken light fixture to her. “Very mature, mo chroí.”

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