Excerpt Kiss of Fate by Heather Long

Apr 252020

Kiss of Fate by Heather Long & Blake Blessing
Publication Date: May 5, 2020

Idioms are what we idiots tell ourselves to make us feel better. They’re all lies.

Truth sets you free. Ha.

Justice is blind. Hardly.

Life ends when you die. Wrong!

All’s fair in love and war. Fine. I’ll give you that one. But you’d be wise to remember Fate isn’t fair, kind, or gentle.
How do I know?

I almost died. I say almost because a moment before my last breath, Judgment found me. I don’t know what he saw in me but with one kiss, he changed me irrevocably.

My name is Dahlia. I am fate.

No, I am definitely not fair.

*Please note this is a reverse harem and the authors suggests you always read the forward in their books. Warning, this is a standalone tale with a fierce and feisty heroine, three heroes who are forces of nature, and a tale as old as time, humor, and a little bit of karmic justice thrown in.

Excerpt Kiss of Fate by Heather Long

After millennia, finally, fucking finally, Judgment discovered the key to bringing his brothers to heel. It was nothing he would ever have expected, considering how jaded and resentful Justice and Punishment were. But here they were in a bar on the outskirts of Dallas, a city hotter than hell in August, riveted by a woman in what appeared to be a rather unpleasant argument.
Oh, how the mighty had fallen, to be so infatuated with a human they practically drooled, even as they seemed to lean toward her.
She was beautiful, like a goddess of old with her tall, slender body and midnight hair against alabaster skin. Not his type, but beautiful. Actually, now that he thought about it, not their type either. Yet they gravitated toward her as if pulled on an invisible string.
“Seth. Long time no see,” a sweet voice said from behind him. At first, he didn’t want to turn, he knew exactly who was there. Life was unpredictable with her around, definitely on the less enjoyable side. Of course, she would be here when he finally cornered his brothers.
“Karmen,” he sighed, pulling his long blond braid over his shoulder. None of the humans could see it, but it was always there.
She settled alongside him, studying the scene before them with an objective eye.
“Do Tarus and Zhan know you’re here?”
Hell no. It was no secret those bastards split off more than a few thousand years before, and for what? Because they were too tired, they didn’t feel like anything they did mattered in the grand scheme of things. So fucking what? Their job wasn’t to analyze the effects of their grace, but to follow the goddamned rules. They failed.
And they kept failing.
Where did that leave Judgment? To clean up every mess they created by not using their grace where and when they should have. Each time he swept behind them, he grew a little more bitter, a little angrier. Justice and Punishment were integral to the world the Keepers had created.
It was past time for them to learn a lesson. Judgment was more than willing to deliver it, but finding something that would put a dent in their emotional armor eluded him. His was the task of rendering judgment, but he’d lacked the right punishment until now. The means by which to deliver the justice due them. No, the irony hadn’t been lost on him. By ignoring their duty, they had neutered him.
Until tonight.
Did they know he was here? He very much doubted they knew where they were at this point.
“You know the answer to that,” he growled, not willing to waste time in useless conversations.
Karmen patted him on the shoulder. “Then I won’t share your secret. But the object of their affection looks like she needs some help.” The crowd swallowed her up as she glided toward the bar.
As soon as she left him, she was forgotten, his attention returning to his brothers. The man accompanying the woman shook her so hard, Judgment winced from the whiplash. Her shoulders bunched up to her ears as she grimaced and held her head as far away from him as she could while still in his clutches. She dug her fingers into his forearms as her lips moved rapidly, but in profile, he couldn’t make out the words. Judgment edged closer, curious to hear what their argument was about, and more importantly, why Justice and Punishment were so enthralled.

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