Cover Reveal Kiss Kiss Fang Fang by Penelope Bloom

Jan 102021

Kiss Kiss Fang Fang by Penelope Bloom

I don’t usually fang and tell, but she earned an exception.
The hapless woman who accidentally released me.
The one who nearly got herself killed mere hours later.
So I saved her, but my help came with a price.

The only way to save her life was to bond her–to link us so powerfully we’d have to spend every waking hour together for the next few weeks.

I was ready for the bond, but I wasn’t ready for her.

Her impossible to crush perky outlook. Her big eyes that never seem to dim, no matter how far into my blackened soul they saw.

I thought I’d lost the ability to care centuries ago, but it appears I was wrong.

The insufferable woman won’t rest until she’s forced me to do the unthinkable. To… enjoy her company.

It’s ridiculous, but all I need to do is outlast the bond.

To outlast my growing fear that I’m not as numb as I thought.

I’m in danger of feeling something for this human that I can’t afford to feel. Because the only thing more dangerous for her than my enemies is if I can’t let her go.

Author’s Note: Get sucked into this high stakes, fang-fest of paranormal, romantic comedy fun with an out-of-his-element vampire grump and the upbeat woman who refuses to let things go according to plan.

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