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Aug 012021

Julian’s Torment (Mafia Heirs Book 3) by Isabella Starling

She’s going to pay for the ultimate sin… Defying me.


My hate for the Esposito family goes back a decade. When I was eight years old, Francesca snubbed me.

Back then, I was a nobody. But then Bruno Bernardi adopted me into his famiglia. Now I have money. Power. And my debtors pay for their sins… in blood.

Francesca will experience the full extent of my wrath. We’re classmates now, but the school won’t protect her.

At The University, money rules over all. And Francesca’s got nothing but her name now… that, and a target between her pretty little legs.


When I was a little girl, I made a fatal mistake. I offended Julian, now one of the Bernardi heirs.

I was a bratty little girl then, but now, I have nothing. Watching my family fall apart and our riches being taken away from us has broken me.

I thought I could deal with it all.

Until Julian.

He wants to degrade and humiliate me.

He wants to destroy me.

He wants to play wicked little games to bring me to my knees and pledge my allegiance.

But I will not kneel for him. I’d rather take his torment than admit he’s my Master. He can’t break me.

Or can he?

Julian’s Torment is the third book of the Mafia Heirs series. All books can be read as standalones. This is a dark mafia romance.

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