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Apr 302021

Infinity (Rosewood #3) by Cameron Hart

Sydney: I stopped in the local pub looking for a decent shepherd’s pie for my grandma when I was kicked out by the tall, muscled, devastatingly gorgeous owner.
He was a jerk who rattled me to my bones, yet I can’t stop thinking about him. Hudson Wolf. He keeps finding excuses to see me even though I know he doesn’t like me. I swear he’s even following me around just so we’ll bump into each other.

I’m not sure what he wants with a curvy girl like me who can hardly muster up the courage to talk to men, but each time I see him, my heart softens a little more. I just hope he doesn’t break it completely.

Hudson: My grandma is a meddling, gossiping matchmaker who is almost more trouble than she’s worth. She also may have found my future wife. Our first meeting went horribly wrong, and every time I try to make it up to her, I only seem to make it worse.

Sydney is beautiful in a way I don’t understand with her sinful curves and shy, tentative smile. I’ll need to step up my game if I want to win over my queen. Over a decade in the Marines taught me how to fight and sacrifice for the ones I love, and there’s never been a more worthy cause than Sydney’s heart.

Join Cameron Hart, Shaw Hart, and Harlow Layne as they take you to the small town of Rosewood, CO and introduce you to three childhood best friends. They may have been apart when they left for college but now they’re back in town and back together. Follow them as they each meet and fall for their happily ever afters.

Love small town romances? Love reading about tight knit groups of friends? Then this series is for you!

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