Cover Reveal In The Arms of The Elite by CM Stunich

Apr 212019

Blurb of In the Arms of the Elite:

(C) C.M. Stunich

Choose between the rich boys.

I’d rather face the Harpies than make that choice.

How can my four years at Burberry Prep really be coming to an end?

No, Tristan, Zayd, Creed, Zack, and Windsor are everything to me right now.

My strength, my passion, my heart, my empathy, my joy.

Love is a cruel master, but I have no one to blame for this but myself.


We fell in love with the charity case.

Idols of the school, the kings of the campus, and we’re nothing without her.

Marnye Elizabeth Reed.

This girl has twisted our world upside down, but the Infinity Club is about to knock us all on our asses.

Big money, political ties, family bonds, obligations: shit is going down at the academy.

The rest of our lives, the rest of her life … it all comes down to this one, final moment.

We’ve got news about the 4th book of Rich Boys of Burberry Prep Series by CM Stunich.

It’t live

This is the note from her:

In the Arms of the Elite (Rich Boys of Burberry Prep #4) – is supposed to be uploaded to amazon on the 6th.

Remember, live releases don’t actually become live the day that it gets uploaded! It can take anywhere from three hours to three DAYS.

As soon as we have a link to Amazon, it will be posted here, so fill free to leave a comment and I will reply to you.

(C) C.M. Stunich

As with any teaser, there’s the possibility of minor spoilers. Read at your own risk.
“This better be good,” I grumble, rubbing at my sleep-crusted eyes and throwing the front door open.

My eyes widen, and a small squeak escapes my lips.


This’ll teach me to check the peephole for, like, murders and stuff. That is, murderers and tatted rock star boys.

“Whoa there, Working Girl, are you rocking duckie pj’s?” Zayd asks, throwing out this devilish little grin as he pinches the shoulder of my pajamas and then leans in for a kiss.

I’m so shocked to see him, and embarrassed as all get out, but when he steps forward and curls his inked arm around me, I forget that I’m wearing pajamas with feet.

Zayd tastes like cherry Coke and cloves, and he smells like sage and geranium. With his strong arm banded around me and his lips against mine, I can barely breathe. My heart is beating out of my chest, and I’m on my tiptoes, eyes closed, swooning away into oblivion.

“What on earth are you wearing?” a lazy voice drawls from somewhere behind Zayd. My eyes snap open, and I’m pushing back against Zayd’s chest as he howls with laughter and releases me.

My footie pajamas slip on the hardwood floor, and if Zayd didn’t step forward to catch me again, I would’ve fallen right on my ass.

Creed moves into the shadows of the house, giving me that devil-may-care smile of his as he walks over and sits down on the couch, right on top of his sister. She barely stirs as he reaches out and pokes a finger in the center of her forehead.

“Wake up, sleepyhead,” he purrs, flicking his eyes briefly over to mine. There’s a small flash of jealousy there as he licks his lips, studying me as I stand there in the circle of Zayd’s arms. “Did you two stay up late partying last night? That’s awfully naughty of you, Marnye.”



#Teaser number 2:

“Whoa there,” Zayd says, lifting up his palms as Creed leans back, smirking and sliding the fingers of one hand into the pocket of his tight black jeans. “I thought we were dating the good girl, Creed. Guess our new Idol Queen is a little naughty, huh?”
“Oh so naughty,” Creed drawls, making a show of licking the chocolate from his fingertips, swirling his tongue enticingly around each one. “Now, do you want to know why I brought up Pineapple Express?”
“Because … you like the movie?” I ask as Creed gives Zayd another look.
“Maybe not so naughty after all? She’s so damn sweet. Let’s poison her, Zayd.” Creed steps forward as Zayd grins and grabs me around the waist. Creed leans in so close that I can smell his cologne, even amongst all the other sweating students, and the acrid burn of alcohol that seems to permeate the air. He’s got that clean linen and sunshine smell, like sheets left to dry in the summer heat. “I mentioned it because at one point, Seth Rogen launches into a rant about how weed makes food taste better, music sound better, crappy TV shows seem better … It makes sex exquisite.”
“Seth Rogen uses the word exquisite?” I whisper, and Creed gives me this naughty kitty smile, like a very bad housecat. A very, very bad housecat with claws. Is it wrong that I want to get scratched? That maybe I even want to get bitten? “Because I have a hard time believing that.”
Creed chuckles softly, just enough that his shoulders quiver, and then he shakes his head like he can’t wait to see how this affects me.”

Check out the rest of the series:


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  1. I’ve read all three books and I absolutely love the Burberry Prep series! I’m sitting on the edge my seat,waiting for In The Arms Of The Elite. I can’t wait til

    • YES, same here! Have you heard that CM Stunich was thinking of making a spin off for the University? Hopefully she does <3

  2. Have read all 3 books and love them an waiting for the 4th one hoping not going to be to long as really wanna no what happens x

  3. Hi, can you tell me when the book will be available to download via Amazon please?

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