Cover Reveal In The Arms of The Elite by CM Stunich

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Blurb of In the Arms of the Elite:

Share the new girl.
That won’t be easy, will it?
Especially not while trying to keep our thrones in the Burberry Prep social scene.
Marnye is learning to forgive us; the least we can do is protect her.
Let’s see who can make her fall in love first.
This time, there’s no bet. This time, it’s just our hearts on the line.


Take on the filthy rich girls—and do it with the help of the boys.
It’s us versus them, and it’s not going to be pretty.
The king of the school, a pissed-off narcoleptic, a tattooed rockstar, a varsity football player, and a prince.
Five guys to back me up, five boys that give me butterflies.
They say they’ve changed their ways; it’s time to see if they can keep that promise.

We’ve got news about the 4th book of Rich Boys of Burberry Prep Series by CM Stunich.

This is the note from her:

“Releases May 2019. No exact date yet but I’m guessing around the 23rd. Could be sooneror later, but definitely in May.  This is book #4 in the “Rich Boys of Burberry Prep” series. Book #1, “Filthy Rich Boys”, and book #2, “Bad, Bad Bluebloods”, are both available on Amazon and in Kindle Unlimited.  Book #3, “The Envy of Idols”, releases this month!”

#1 Filthy Rich Boys
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#2 Bad, Bad Blue Bloods
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#3 The Envy Of Idols
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#4 In the Arms of the Elite
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