Excerpt Hook Up by M.L. Broome

Aug 132021

Hook Up by M.L. Broome (The Driven World)


Ryder Gray is a racing legend with one weak spot—me. At least that’s the line he used on me eight years ago, right before he ghosted me.

The worst part? I believed him—every sweet, romantic line. Turns out, that’s all they were.

I moved on, or so I thought, until we wind up spending a weekend together in Vegas. We’re there to celebrate my brother’s wedding, but Ryder has a different plan—to reclaim the heart he abandoned years earlier.

I’d be a fool to fall for Ryder again, so why can’t my heart tell him no?

Do I trust him, or is this another Ryder Gray hook up?


Since I was ten, I wanted two things from this life—a career as an F1 racer and Greer Hammond. Turns out winning championships was far easier than winning Greer’s heart.

But I’m no quitter. When I see something I want, I don’t stop until it’s mine. And Greer is the one thing I’ve wanted for twenty years.

She’s the only woman who’s ever set my heart racing, and now that she’s back in my life, I have a plan to keep her in my arms forever.

This time, she won’t get away.

This time, she’s mine.

Excerpt Hook Up by M.L. Broome


With a final breath to center me, I toss my long hair over one shoulder and stride toward the group. Let the games begin. “Ryder Gray. Breaking hearts as always, I see.”
Ryder’s head flies up at the sound of my voice, a grin breaking across his features.
But it’s not the practiced smile that decorates magazine covers. It’s the goofy, crooked grin I remember from eight years ago. Ryder’s real smile.
Suddenly, I’m not feeling as confident in my quest.
Focus, Greer. Don’t let this man get the better of you again.
He meets me halfway across the parking area, wrapping his hand around my nape and pulling me to him. Without permission, he presses his mouth to mine, and my hands fly up to his chest as my heart threatens to beat out of my own.
Pulling back, those baby blues twinkle at me. “Greer Hammond. Can I just say how jealous I am of your dress tonight? It gets to touch every one of your luscious curves.”
I bristle at his well-practiced delivery. Typical playboy, figuring I’m going to melt at the feet of racing royalty.
Nice try, Ryder. I remember when you used to wet the bed.
With a chuckle that’s as fake as his smirk, I reply, “I figured you’d be jealous of my bra and g-string since they have a front-row seat to the goods.”
His eyes widen, momentarily thrown by my comeback. But he recovers quickly. “Those I plan to dispose of directly. Can’t have them crowding in on what’s mine.”


“Did you really want to dance with that guy?”
“Not particularly,” I remark, glancing at the handsome gentleman across the floor.
“Do you want to dance with me?”
Moving my gaze to meet his, I capture my lower lip between my teeth, fully aware Ryder is watching my every move. “If I say yes, that makes it too easy. Women always come easy for you.”
Ryder chuckles, his lips moving against my ear. “Greer, I’ve waited twenty years for this moment. Nothing about you has been easy.”
“You weren’t waiting for me.”
He stops moving, his gaze focused on me with such intensity I fear I might melt into a puddle. “My heart was.”

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