Cover Reveal His Clever Kitten by MINK

Feb 172021

His Clever Kitten by MINK

She intrigues me, this walking conundrum of a woman. A kitten sweatshirt, big glasses, and a trusting nature—she’s practically catnip for a man like me. So much so that I let her kidnap me at gunpoint. Instead of demanding money, she tells me of her troubles with a local mafia family. The Lucenzios want protection money from her, and if she refuses to pay, they’ll wreck her brand new kitty store, Pawsitively Perfect.

Lucky for Maddy, I happen to be at war with the Lucenzios, and I’ll happily destroy anyone who dares tread on Maddy’s business or her heart. She needs protection. So much so that I find it best to keep her close. Very close. In my bed and in my heart, my clever kitten has dug in her claws. And maybe I like it that way.

Besides, I have no choice but to love her. After all, she took me hostage from the moment I saw her.

MINK’s Note: Get ready to be a bad girl with your kitty sidekick and a hot coffee in this sweet tale with a HEA.

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