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Feb 242020

Highlander Academy (Academy of Time #3) by Skye MacKinnon

Staying with these wild Highlanders could get her kilt…

Lacey has dreamed of being a Time Agent all her life. Travelling through time, exploring the past, experiencing events she’s only read about in books.

Problem is, she’s shit at time travelling. She gets sick when she travels back more than a few decades. It’s a miracle they even let her continue her studies at TTA, the most prestigious academy there is. But even if she graduates successfully, she’ll never get the job she wants. Time Agents don’t puke.

When one of her teachers offers her to try an experimental new time travel device, she jumps on the chance. She never expected to end up in medieval Scotland though, captured by a group of hunky Highlanders who think she’s a spy.

Maybe she should have stayed in the present after all… but then, this might be her only chance to find out what Scotsmen wear underneath their kilts.

A full-length steamy reverse harem full of action, humour and hot Highlanders, set in both past and present. This is a standalone novel set in the Academy of Time universe.

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Now scroll up and peek beneath the kilt!

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