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Oct 312020

Hidden Wolf (The Hunted Book 1) by Tamara White

Secrets. They can make or break you. I would know. I’m a wolf in sheep’s clothing, except I’m not trying to eat them—I’m one of them.

I’m a hunter who stalks my own kind—vicious, bloodthirsty werewolves. Even though we have the same blood, I have never been like them, never been a slave to my baser impulses. The other hunters, however, would never believe that, so I have to hide myself or risk certain death.

Yet when my secret comes to light, will I be killed? Or could the hunters set their prejudices aside and accept me for who I am? I guess I’ll find out, since I really wasn’t given a choice.

***This book is not recommended to readers under the age due to the coarse language within.

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