Excerpt Here With Me by Tia Louise

Mar 122020

Here With Me by Tia Louise

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Sawyer LaGrange.
He’s my best friend’s older brother.
He’s quiet, brooding, sexy as sin…
Dark hair, a scruffy square jaw, and deep lines of muscle I trace my fingers along slowly, followed by my lips…
He always does what’s right.
Until me…
They say you get in life what you have the courage to ask for.
Well, I’m brave.
And I want him.
Everybody has them.
Big, small, innocent… forbidden.
Mindy was a line I should never have crossed.
But I did.
She was beautiful… sassy and tempting,
And rules were made to be broken.
We broke them all.
Now I’m home, released from service with hidden scars.
Now my secrets are the demons that grow stronger every day.
I try to send her away, but I can’t let her go.
She’s my reason to fight, and I’ll walk through hell to be the man she deserves.
To give her a reason to stay here with me.
(HERE WITH ME is a STAND-ALONE best friend’s older brother, second-chance, military romance. No cheating. No cliffhangers.)

Excerpt Here With Me by Tia Louise
© TLM Productions LLC, 2020
*coming April 20, 2020


The window is open a crack when I reach it. It slides without a sound, and I slip inside.
Sawyer’s sitting up with his back against the headboard, but his eyes are closed. I hear his rhythmic breathing, and I know he’s fallen asleep. It doesn’t matter.
I go to the bed, leaving my jacket on the chair. The night is warm, and he’s not wearing a shirt. Silver moonlight deepens the lines of muscle in his arms, his broad shoulders. Sawyer works so hard, lifting crates of peaches, hauling boxes to the truck. He has the best body.
I can’t remember when he went from being the boy who held my hand and dried my tears to the man I can’t live without. I only know he’s owned my heart as long as I’ve been able to love.
Lifting the thin comforter, I slip in beside him and rest my cheek against his warm chest.
“Mm…” His voice vibrates against my skin. “Hey.”
Strong arms go around me, and I close my eyes, letting the warmth of his embrace relax my racing insides. I hold him, inhaling his scent of soap, cedar, and Sawyer.
“I tried not to wake you.” I sound so small.
“How you doing?” I love his voice, the low drawl, the touch of honey in his Louisiana accent.
“Same as every year.”
“I know, baby girl.” A large, callused hand slides up and down my bare arm, scratching my skin, waking my insides. “It’ll pass.”
Only the thinnest cotton nightgown separates my naked body from his, and I ache for him to want me again. One time will never be enough, and it’s been so long.
Stretching my legs, arching my back, I search for his mouth in the darkness. My fingers fumble to his muscular neck, and I thread them in his soft hair, curling them and pulling his face to mine.
I don’t know if it’s because he’s drowsy or if it’s the darkness, but I manage to capture his full lips briefly. I push them apart, and our tongues meet. He kisses me back, before pulling away and settling me down at his side.
“You need to sleep.”
Squeezing my eyes shut against the tears, I nod and return to my place, sheltered at his side, under his arm, my heart irrevocably devoted to him…

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