Cover Reveal Her Twin Surprise by Elizabeth Lennox

Jan 222021

Her Twin Surprise (Forsaken Sons Book 2) by Elizabeth Lennox

Two horrific, brutal accidents…one massive miscommunication!

After one torrid night and some devastating news, Stevie Hunt discovers that she’s pregnant. She tried to do the right thing by telling the father, but circumstances prevented her efforts.

From superstar quarterback to billionaire entrepreneur, Janus Meyers thought he had it all. Until he discovered that there was more…two more, actually. Twins! Five year old twins that he knew nothing about!

Since Janus’ father had abandoned him before he was born, there was nothing that was going to stand in his way of being there for his own children. Especially when he discovers that their mother is none other than the woman who hadn’t been there for him during the one crushing moment of his football career.
Stevie was devastated when the man she hated more than anything…shows up and finally decides that he’s ready to be a father! At the most painful point in her life, this man had abandoned her! Can she trust him to care for their children’s tender hearts more than he cared for her own so many years ago?

Can she risk her own heart…again?

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