Cover Reveal Her Primal Mate by Jenika Snow

Oct 292020

Her Primal Mate (Badlands Territory, 1) by Jenika Snow

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He was mine.

I was his.

There is no denying it, my primal polar bear shifter who was linked to be my fate, destiny, the very laws of our kind.

Fated mates.

That’s what it was called, that one person who was meant to solely be yours.

I just hadn’t known who my fated mate was until he came into my life like a storm ready to destroy everyone and everything in his path.

When Kasias Stone walked into the bar I worked at and our gazes clashed, I swore the ground opened up. Every part of my body came alive for the first time. My mating heat kicked into overdrive, and all I could think about was needing that male to take me to his bed and ease the desperation.

He was the biggest, strongest male I’d ever seen, his height towering, his muscles severe. He made even the strongest shifters look weak. I didn’t even hesitate when he all but threw me over his shoulder and said he’d ease me, that he’d make sure I was sated, that I wouldn’t walk straight the next day.

I also knew once I gave myself over to him, there would be no going back. He’d never let me go.

*Welcome to the Badlands Territory … where it’s so bad it’s good. Eight of your favorite romance authors have joined forces to bring you a sexy world full of possessive, growly alpha shifters. All standalone, all addicting, and all filled with those over-the-top heroes we love. Each short and steamy story promises a happily-ever-after, with plenty of bites and growls to satisfy all of your cravings!
Publication Date : November 2, 2020

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