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Mar 302021

Her Hidden Pack (House of Wolves and Magic Book 4) by Helen Scott

Time is running out. The darkness is coming. And I’m short one mate.

Life is getting ever more complicated as I continue to collect mates. Fate may have stopped us from finding the oracle before, but nothing is going to get in our way now.

I keep getting visions telling me that time is running out. The oracle is the only one who can give us the answers we need and this time we know where to look… sort of. There is no choice but to go deeper into Shadow Forest. We know the oracle is there somewhere, but every second we spend on Shadow Forest land means risking our lives.

If I’m lucky I’ll find my last mate and the oracle before the darkness I see in my visions swallows the world whole. The only problem is I’ve never been very lucky…

If you love the mystery of JR Ward’s The Black Dagger Brotherhood and the magic of Ilona Andrews’ Hidden Legacy, then you’ll love House of Wolves and Magic!

One click Her Hidden Pack today and get swept away by this reverse harem urban fantasy romance adventure!

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