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Aug 052021

Her Black Soul (The Dark Amulet Series Book 3) by A.J. Norris

Evita lost herself when she accidentally fell. The memories of her life as a Warrior angel were hidden from her mind by the Devil. Convinced she’s a demon and belongs in the realm of the Damned, she’s endured the fiery world away from her real home for two centuries.

Virgil lost his mate when she sacrificed herself to save another from falling. He’s been adrift without her, leading him to reckless behaviors. Eventually, a stupid choice gets him captured by the Devil. Even though he’s dragged to Hell against his will, he sees his imprisonment as an opportunity to rescue Evita. When their escape is made too easy, they wonder what’s going on.

Evita holds a secret the Devil wants to know…

However, the secret is buried deep within her mind. The Devil wants to lay waste to the Earth and hopes setting Evita free will unlock her memories and bring him closer to his deadly plans. She can’t let this happen, though, and she will fight to the death to stop him.

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