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Aug 022021

Her Beast (Beauty and the Captor Book 1) by Nicole Casey

My enemy murdered my parents, now I’m going to ruin his daughter…

I was beaten, starved, but never defeated.
I watched. I learned.
Until I was the one in power.

This is a merciless world.
Hunt or be prey.
I am the one in charge now.
I show no mercy.
I only train them so that they can be sold.
Then I set my eyes on the ultimate prey.

Her father killed my parents.
Destroyed life as I knew it.
It’s time to make him suffer.
It’s time to make him bleed.

I’ll break her.
I’ll take everything from her.
Just as she took everything from me.
At least that was the plan.
Because sweet Scarlett pierces my cold dead heart.

She isn’t mine.
She’ll be sold just like the others.
Yet my body roars with fury at the idea of her being with anyone else.
I want to claim her, take her, make her mine.

Love has no place in my dark soul.
Yet for her, I’ll go through the fires of hell.

TRIGGERS WARNING: This is a dark romance that contains abduction, captivity, dubious consent, and other scenes some will find disturbing. It is not for the faint of heart and is intended for mature audiences only.

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