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May 142021

Heated Secrets (Rose Garden Apartments Book 1) by Elizabeth Lennox

Falling in love wasn’t part of the job description.

But from the moment Lilly sat down to interview at Gataki Industries, she was lost, fascinated by the power and determination of her boss.

Destroying his enemies was just a regular day for Drako Gataki. He’d grown up tough and had learned to become tougher. Then Lilly Von Deuch walked into his office. Her teasing spirit and soft laughter soothed the beast within.

Until Lilly is threatened. Drako is used to dealing with threats from the outside. But for Lilly to be threatened by her family? He vowed to protect her, and destroy anyone who dared to harm the woman who had snuck into his heart!

As they explore their feelings for each other, will Lilly’s family destroy their new relationship?

From Elizabeth Lennox Books – The Secrets of Rose Gardens
Book 1: Heated Secrets
Book 2: Whispered Secrets
Book 3: Breathless Secrets

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