Cover Reveal Harri Raines Gets Ahead with the Dead by Lucy Auburn

Mar 292021

Harri Raines Gets Ahead with the Dead (Hexes and Exes Book 3) by Lucy Auburn

The only men I ever loved have come back to life. And I’m not going to sacrifice them—not even if it ends the world.

I made a promise, and I mean to keep it. Victor, Baird, Amir, and Joshua will survive the coming apocalypse. I’ll have them by my side no matter what.

To stop the Dead-Witch Moon, I’ll have to do more than just uncover my father’s crimes. I’ll have to face myself in the mirror—and the witch blood inside me.

My mother left me a powerful gift… if I dare to use it.

But can a witch, four not-so-dead ex-boyfriends, a fortune-telling aunt, a possessed cat, a haunted car, and a bunch of bloodthirsty werewolves take down demon kind?

I have no idea, but I’m definitely going to try.

Watch out Lilith. Harri Raines is coming for you.

Witchcraft, demons, ghosts, baby goats, whiskey, and four not-so-dead ex-boyfriends bring this new series to life. Harri Raines Gets Ahead with the Dead will be coming soon.

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