Cover Reveal Guarded Addiction by L. Ann

Apr 112021

Guarded Addiction (Forgotten Legacy Book 3) by L. Ann

Dex Cooper

Bassist, Addict, Charmer

He came blaring into my world playful and demanding.

Hiding his demons behind a panty melting smile.

I knew he was bad for me but Dex made bad feel so good.

So I played along with his games until he destroyed everything.

With Dex Cooper, everything was a game but I’m done playing.

Siobhan Rawlings

Fiery Redhead, Cherry Pie, Mine

She eased the cravings that ruled my body

Gave me peace from the memories that haunt me.

But I knew it wouldn’t last. I couldn’t keep her.

I destroy everything and I would ruin her if I didn’t let her go.

But I couldn’t do it, so I made her my wife.

She thought we were just having fun, thought this was just another game we were playing.

She’s wrong and now I have to prove to her that this time I’m playing for keeps.

Return to the world of Forgotten Legacy.

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