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May 142021

Glamour Eyes (Wanted by the Fae Book 1) by Jessica Lynch

She doesn’t want anything to do with the fae… too bad that won’t stop him.

Callie Brooks has a gift, though that’s not exactly what she calls it. She sees things—has been able to since she was a little girl—and it’s more of a nuisance than anything else. But so long as she pretends that she can’t, she’s safe. The strange creatures won’t bother her if she keeps herself from staring. After more than twenty years, she’s gotten pretty good at it, too. Nothing surprises her any more.

Until she sees him.

Aislinn is a Light Fae. One of the Seelie, and a member of the Fae Queen’s guard.

After a foolish mistake inadvertently offends Melisandre, the queen punishes Ash by moving his guard post to the human world. It’s an insult, but he accepts the post in the Iron because it’s better to be bored than to be another statue in Melisandre’s garden—or worse. What’s a decade or two of human watching so long as he gets to keep his head?

Cloaked in glamour, no one is supposed to know he’s crossed over. Which is why he’s so… so interested by the curious human who seems to watch him back—and whose pretty blue eyes can see right through his glamour.

The fae trick humans. They use them. They touch them, then discard them. Ash always thought he was like the rest of his kind.

Now? He’s a fae who wants a human, and will stop at nothing to figure out what it is about Callie that makes him—and her—different than the rest… especially when he decides to seduce her and she rejects him outright.

That only makes him want him more. And hopefully he can convince Callie to agree to accept his touch before the Fae Queen realizes that his attention has wavered, otherwise it won’t be Ash who gets punished this time.

It’ll be Callie.

**Glamour Eyes is part one of a pair of novellas (~38,000 words) featuring the very human Callie and the Light Fae male who will give up everything to have her… With a couple fated to be mates, this book is solely intended for adult readers.

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