Cover Reveal Girl of the Night Garden by Lili Valente

Mar 132021

Girl of the Night Garden by Lili Valente

A haunting, star-crossed Young Adult romance from USA Today bestseller, Lili Valente.
Once there was a girl with a heart as black as night…

Or so legend goes. But I know better. Grown in the Night Witch’s garden and tasked with softening the souls of men, the dream spells I spin keep the women of earth safe. Without it, they would be as miserable (and damaged) as my mother.

Let the humans call me names–banshee, nightmare, monster–I sleep deep and dreamless.

Until the day I’m rescued from the sea by a forbidden boy. Until the night we break all the magical rules and the kiss that changes…everything.

Until the moment I realize Mother’s the one who’s been spinning lies.

Now I must choose–between love and duty. Between life and something worth living for. Between the boy who owns my heart and a legacy as wicked as a witch’s curse

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