Cover Reveal Forty Day Fiancé by Erin McCarthy

Feb 162021

Forty Day Fiancé (Sassy In The City Book 3) by Erin McCarthy

I’ve got forty days to find a fiance, move in with him and convince the powers-that-be that we’re madly in love.

Seems like a simple green-card plan until I meet Dr. Michael Kincaid.
He’s looking for the real thing: love, a baby, an actual ring. The whole shebang.

I can’t decide which of us is crazier.

Maybe it’s both–because I agree to his demands.

Surely once we’re living together he’ll see how mad it is for an American doctor and a British girl who barely know each other to actually go through with this.

I hadn’t counted on our chemistry. There’s no end to the inventive ways we find to flirt. Not to mention the rather pressing matter of sharing a bed.

Maybe the doctor knows a thing or two about the science of love after all.

Forty Day Fiance is a standalone romantic comedy with a smoking-hot doctor, a fast-talking English heroine, and a Happily Ever After.

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