Cover Reveal Fortune Academy: Year Two by J.R. Thorn

Feb 232020

Fortune Academy: Year Two by J.R. Thorn

I found my five Virtues… but they didn’t want to be found.

Talk about reluctant. My five Virtues all need to be taught a lesson, even Kaito, my mentor who thinks he knows everything—FYI, he doesn’t.

Hendrik, a dark mage who thinks he’s still pulling the strings.

Logan, a wolf shifter who hasn’t caught on that I’m really his alpha.

Dante, a brutal hunter who doesn’t realize he’s the one being hunted.

Orion, a playboy demigod who hates that all he wants now is me—and no one else. He’ll be the hardest of all to break.

The tables have turned and there’s a monster loose in Fortune Academy (hell yeah, that’s me, by the way). A year has passed on the outside, but it’s only been a few short weeks for supernaturals who are ramping up for Fortune Academy’s big exam. This is a test of our fortitude and our powers unlike any we’ve had before. The Third Echo of Calamity is on its way to Earth and I need to be ready for it, which means I am going to need my Virtues on my side.

I feel them in my soul and have never been more certain of anything in my life. I’ve called my Virtues to me, whether they are ready or not.

They are mine.

Fortune Academy: Year Two is the second book in an upper YA/NA paranormal academy series. The heat kicks up in this Bully Reverse Harem Romance where there are five guys and no choosing required!

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