Cover Reveal Fortune Academy: Year Three by J.R. Thorn

Mar 012020

Fortune Academy: Year Three by J.R. Thorn

I’ve done it. My five virtues have finally accepted me and it’s better than I could have ever imagined. Hendrik, Orion, Dante, Kaito, and Logan each fill a void inside of me that I hadn’t realized had been aching.

One problem: something is still missing…

Or someone.

I sense another Virtue coming my way… and the guys are not going to like this one.

Cole is unlike any of my Virtues. He’s a monster—just like me. Abused, beaten, and downright vicious. My guys think I should chase him away, but if being a monster has taught me anything it’s that everyone has a heart. It might be cold, hardly beating, and a bit broken, but I’ll find a way to reach him… monster to monster.

Fortune Academy: Year Three is book three in a Bully Academy Reverse Harem series. This is the stunning conclusion of Fortune Academy, but Lily’s story continues in Underworld Monster Academy!

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