Cover Reveal Forbidden Lyrics by Kelsie Rae

Jun 072021

Forbidden Lyrics (Wrecked Roommates #2) by Kelsie Rae

***can be read as a standalone***

I didn’t know who Dove’s sister was when we first met.
I didn’t know that I’d been fooling around with her for a few months before Dove walked into my life.
I didn’t know that––if I’ve done the math correctly––I could be the father to her sister’s child.
But I do know this.
Dove has the voice of an angel, and the heart of one too.
I might not deserve her, but I refuse to let her go.
She doesn’t know that I was with her sister before we met.
She doesn’t know that her niece or nephew could be my freaking kid.
And even though it kills me, I can’t let her find out.

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