Cover Reveal Forbidden Arrangement by J. S. Cooper

Aug 202021

Forbidden Arrangement (The Rossi Brothers Book 1) by J. S. Cooper

When I was ten, Stefano Rossi saved me from a playground bully.

When I was fifteen, we promised to be best friends forever.

When I was eighteen, my father destroyed his family business and Stefano never spoke to me again.

I left my small hometown seven years ago and I have never looked back. Now at twenty-eight years old my entire world is crumbling all around me. My father has disappeared, the IRS have claimed all of his worldly possessions and I am left penniless and homeless. My best friend, Polly lets me stay in her studio apartment and to thank her, I finagle my way into getting us invitations to the opening of the hottest new club in New York City.

And that is when I see him again. Stefano Rossi. My handsome, sweet childhood friend. But this time he’s not here to save me. This time, he’s no longer kind. I can see the hatred in his dazzling blue eyes, the way his lips curl in derision, but that doesn’t stop me from wanting him. Because my handsome friend has grown up into a sexy adonis. And this sexy Adonis says he wants to help me. But only if I help him. I know I should walk, nay run, away, but I’m intrigued. I’m intrigued by the arrangement that he wants to set up with me. I know I should say no, but there’s something about this forbidden agreement that makes me want to say yes.

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